Sound designer/composer for 'MEDEMON', the NEW short film by Ricardo Dutra Alvarez.

"Medemon is an experimental short film.

I used it to show people how often we let our fears rule us, controlling and letting something insignificant or even non-existent become something uncontrollable and real." - Ricardo Dutra Alvarez

Sound designer & mixer for the forthcoming 'REQUIEM OF A PLACE', the NEW feature film by Mikhail Chernikov.

A homesick writer travels with his girlfriend to his native village in order to cope with his growing nostalgia and in hopes of overcoming his creative block.

He tries to let go of the past, but the past does not want to let him go.

More details soon...

Sound editor & mixer for 'I LOVE HER', the NEW feature film by  Darya Perelay. (

A young street musician, must conquer her fears and ghosts from the social influences in Ukraine, where she grew up, in order to admit her feelings to a deaf-mute girl and make the right decision before it's too late.

Sound editor & mixer for 'PARALELO', the documentary short by Yann-Marig Brézac, in which the Catalan artist, Raul, shares his thinking of his room, his refuge where he imagines the music of his musical project called 'Paralelo'.

Composer & musician for Dance, including Misnomer Dance Company, Film and instrumental music, encompasing a wide variety of styles, genres & cultures from Western, Japanese, orchestral, electronic to traditional music.

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